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  • A Must-Have For Small Business Websites

  • Easy To Install On Any Website Platform

  • Leads Sent By Email And By Text

  • Works With Wix, SquareSpace, WordPress - ETC

  • Enterprise Solutions Available On Request

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Q. What Is The Call Back APP?


A. The Call Back APP Makes It Easy For Customers To Connect Through Your Website. The Call Back APP Gives Online Customers The Opportunity To Enter Their Mobile Number From Any Page On Your Website And Request A Call Back From Someone At Your Company. Check Out Some Of Our Pre-Designed APPS Below. Built Originally For Our Car Dealer Clients - We're Now Offering The Call Back APP For Small Business Websites. Larger-Scale, Multi-User, Enterprise-Level Solutions Are Also Available. Contact Us Via The Call Back APP On Our Website For More Information. For This To Work, You'll Need To Install Our Call Back APP Script (A Piece Of Code) On Your Website (Or Have Someone Do It For You).

Q. Why Does The Call Back APP Make Sense?


A. As A Business Owner - Every Call Is Important. And Having The Call Back APP Installed On Your Website Will Prevent Customers From Pulling Out Their Hair Because Of Unanswered Calls To Voicemail, Eternal Hold Cycles And The Never-Ending Effort Of Trying To Chase Someone Down To Speak On The Phone. Live. Because - Let's Face It - Talking On The Phone IS Still A Thing.


Q. How Does The Call Back APP Work?


A: Customers Enter Their Mobile Number Into The Call Back APP From Any Page Of Your Website And Receive An Automated TXT Response Confirming They've Been Added To Your Call Back Queue. You Get Notified By Email And/Or TXT With The Customer's Contact Info For Follow-Up. Simple.


Q. What Are The Benefits Of The Call Back APP?


A. For Starters - Think About The After Hours Impact. Your Customers Are Surfing The Web At Night Planning The Days/Weeks/Months Ahead. Let Them Engage On Your Website When It's Top Of Mind. Don't Make Them Call You The Next Day. Because By Then They've Forgotten About It Anyway And Moved On. And Website Forms? Too Much Effort. Been There. Done That. Wrote The Book.


Are You Closed Over Lunch? Are You Away From The Phone More Often Than Not? Your Customers Shouldn't Have To Chase You Down To Do Business With You. Allow Them To Easily Put The Ball In Your Court For Follow-Up.


It's Not Overbuilt With Unnecessary Bells And Whistles. And There's No Need To Have Someone Manage A Website Chat APP. With The Call Back APP You Don't Have To Be Logged Into Anything. No Dashboards. Because We All Know What A Pain That Can Be. And Don't Even Bother Faking It With An Automated BOT. Customers See Right Through It.

Seriously - Every Business Should Have This. It Just Makes Sense. Simplicity And Customer Service At It's Finest. So Long As You Keep Up Your End Of The Bargain - And Call Your Customers Back!

Q. Are There Restrictions To The Call Back APP?


A. The Call Back APP Only Works In the Good Ol' US of A. Not Available Internationally. Each Call Back APP Script May Only Be Used For A Single Domain. To Activate On Multiple Domains - Please Contact Us Through The Call Back APP On This Web Page.

Q. How Much Does The Call Back APP Cost?


Limited Time Small Business Pricing

Auto, MC/ATV, RV Dealerships And Enterprise Solutions Priced Higher

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